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Phlebotomy School - Phlebotomy Courses - Phlebotomist Schools Phlebotomy Schools - Phlebotomy Courses
Careers in Phlebotomy
A career in phlebotomy is actually a highly respected and important medical career. Phlebotomists, who specialize in drawing blood, may work in a variety of healthcare systems including hospitals, clinics, medical group practices, laboratories, and public health facilities. Every time you donate blood or get your blood tested, you see a phlebotomy technician, who must have steady hands and the ability to make people feel calm and at ease.

Rx: Phlebotomy School
Phlebotomy schools may have diploma, certificate, and associate's degree programs to provide the training necessary for this medical career. Program coursework may include physiology, anatomy, and phlebotomy techniques, as well as communication skills.


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