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Medical Transcriptions Schools

Medical Transcription is the transcribing of draft medical reports and documentation of all descriptions - usually in audio form - into clearly readable and referenced written form. This process effectively creates permanent medical records. Quality transcription is in high demand as the healthcare industry grows, and the insurance industry needs documented information.

Medical Transcription School will teach you the necessary skills for a career in Medical Transcription, including subjects such as anatomy, general medical terminology, specialist and pharmaceutical terminology, English terms and formats, and formats for transcription. You will also gain knowledge of word processing and similar office computer applications.

The growth of medical transcription allows for flexibility, and a substantial income. Many people work from home, and set their own work schedule.

Medical Information Management Education
Medical information managers are medical technicians who collect and organize medical records. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) approximately 303,000 medical information managers worked in the U.S. in 2010, with two out of five employed in hospitals. Medical information managers may usually work 40-hour weeks, but may also have to work night and weekend shifts in health information departments that remain open 24 hours.

Healthcare training might be required for a career in medical information management and may include courses in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, database management, computer science, and law. Most medical information technicians hold associate's degrees from community or junior colleges.

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